Key West, Florida

If you are thinking about a tropical vacation, but would like to stay within the continental United States, then you may want to consider the attractive city of Key West, Florida.  This southernmost point in the U.S., is a unique town, that offers beauty, flare, relaxation, fun, and so much more.  Key West offers a rich history that you can explore, tours of interesting sights, fishing excursions, boating trips, nightlife, water sports, and a certain atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else.

Key West is easily accessible by car, plane, or boat.  It is a popular destination for cruise ships, and its’ final destination makes for a very interesting and picturesque road trip.  Arriving by car, along Highway 1 and crossing over the numerous bridges along the way, including the iconic 7-mile bridge, is a fun way to spend your time and part of your vacation.

Once you arrive in Key West, there are a variety of accommodations for you to choose from, for your stay in the area.  From luxury hotels, budget-friendly hotels, boutique hotels, and to rental homes, you have many choices, depending on your own personal preferences.

If you are interested in a luxury resort, perhaps the Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa may be a nice choice for you.  This resort, which is located on Front Street in Key West, has so many wonderful amenities to offer to guests, as well as being in a great location to a variety of Key West attractions.  From the hotel, you can easily stroll to Mallory Square to see the nightly entertainment and the breathtaking sunsets, or you can walk over to the Southernmost Buoy to take photos of this iconic landmark.  This resort is in a great location, and offers some magnificent views of the Gulf of Mexico.

For a more budget-friendly option, perhaps the Casablanca Key West, located on Duval Street, may be a good option.  These accommodations, which are housed in a building that was built in the late 1800’s, are quaint, comfortable, and are also in a great, convenient location.  With a building that is rich in history, you can enjoy a nice place to stay, take a dip in the swimming pool, and enjoy a nice complimentary breakfast.

While visiting Key West, you may find yourself touring Ernest Hemingway’s historic home, taking in the sights, tastes, and sounds, of various snack shacks, restaurants, pubs, and bars, or just strolling around Mallory Square, as you watch the talented street performers and entertainers.  Shopping is also a popular pastime in the area, with plentiful boutiques, souvenir shops, and outlets that you may enjoy.

Key West, Florida, is certainly a fun place to visit.  It offers the feel of a tropical getaway, while still being part of mainland, United States.  This area offers a relaxed, laid-back atmosphere, plenty of entertainment, good local food, and many activities for you to enjoy.  There are also other islands that are right along the way on Highway 1, if you want to take a little drive and enjoy some of those sights, for an easy day-trip excursion.

Maldive Islands

The Maldive Islands, also referred to as the Maldives or the Republic of Maldives, is a group of islands, located in the Arabian Sea.  The group of islands is approximately 620 miles south of the continent of Asia.  Many people consider the Maldives a vacation destination for couples who are on their honeymoon, or for once-in-a-lifetime trips; however, these small islands can also be attractive to families, multi-generational family groups, or for anyone else wanting to explore this magnificent and unforgettable region.

The islands are dotted with unique and luxurious resorts, and with just a little bit of research, you can probably find a place to stay that is suitable for your purpose, and will fit your budget, too.  Your vacation plans will probably be arranged with your transportation method in the forefront of your mind.  These islands are mainly accessible by small plane, by seaplane, or by boat; therefore, choosing an island destination may also be decided upon by your preferred travel mode and method.

The Maldives are inviting to people all throughout the year, with weather that is relatively predictable.  The rainiest season is usually early June through October; however, rainstorms typically pass over an island quickly, and visitors can resume their daily activities pretty soon.  November through March is the driest time of the year, while February, March, and April tend to be the hottest months of the year.

Depending on who you are traveling with, will probably decide which type of accommodations you will want to have while visiting the tropical destination of the Maldives.  If you are traveling as a couple, then perhaps the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island Resort may be an option for you.  This luxurious resort offers high-end, over water villas, spa treatments, an underwater dining experience, and plenty of space to relax and unwind.

As a family, there are many options for you to choose from, including the Constance Moofushi.  This resort is an all-inclusive resort, which means that all meals are included in the price of the stay.  For parents that are traveling with little ones or with teenagers, this can be a significant money-saver, as growing bodies tend to eat several times throughout the day.  This resort offers dive lessons for adults and children, as well as a plethora of other games and water-themed entertainment.

While in the Maldives, most people are amazed by the brilliance of the open waters, as well as with the open sky.  Stargazing is a magnificent pastime in the Maldives, and can be enjoyed by anyone in your crew.  The Maldive Islands offer a place where there is no such thing as a “crowded” beach, and one of the great attractions is that unique sense of aloneness and safety, that is often felt while in the area.

The Maldives are a tropical vacation destination that is unlike anything else in the world.  Some people will adore the “oneness with the earth” type of feeling that you can experience in the Maldives, while others may feel too isolated.  If utter peace, calmness, and serene beauty is what you are searching for, then certainly consider the Maldives for your next holiday adventure.

Maui, Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii have so much to offer to people who are planning to vacation on one of the islands.  Of all of the islands, one of the islands that you may want to consider, is the island of Maui.  Maui is an island that has over 700 square miles of beautiful and interesting terrain.  From tall, dormant volcanic peaks, to a tropical and lush rain forest, to over 30 miles of gorgeous beaches, a visitor to Maui will have no trouble finding something interesting to see, and fun and engaging activities to do.

Sometimes referred to as the “Valley Isle”, Maui is a mixture of volcanic peaks and sloping, or flat, surfaces.  Much of the island is covered with a lush, tropical rain forest.  Although the temperatures are relatively constant throughout the entire island, and all throughout the year, you can see differences, in temperatures, in terms of elevation, while on the island.

The beaches on Maui vary by location, sand color, and their surroundings.  Some of the beaches are undeveloped and mostly unpopulated, while others are lined with multiple accommodations and see much more traffic from vacationers and residents.

One of the quieter beaches on Maui is Makena Beach.  Also known as “The Big Beach”, Makena Beach offers an uncrowded beach area, white sand, and plenty of nature along the perimeter of the coastline.  This beach is a great place to go fishing, snorkeling, swimming, or just relax and enjoy the afternoon sun.

If you are interested in a beach environment that is a little busier, then perhaps a visit to Kaanapali Beach is in order.  This beach is much more populated, mainly due to the presence of large hotels, resorts, and villas, in the area.  Once dubbed, “America’s Best Beach”, Kaanapali Beach is a wonderful place for sunbathing, swimming, and even cliff diving.  In fact, if you would like to see a traditional cliff diving ceremony, then venture to the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa in Kaanapali, where a professional cliff diver showcases his/her expertise, on a nightly basis.

The area of Kaanapali is also a great place for golfing, ziplining, hiking, shopping, eating, and many other entertainment venues that may be of interest to you.  Kaanapali is located in the western part of the island.

Maui is known for many things beyond scenic views, a tropical rain forest, and inviting beaches.  It is also a place where you can enjoy windsurfing, kiteboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, and even watching the humpback whales, especially during the cooler months of the year.  You also have a wide range of places to stay while on the island; from high-rise hotels with plenty of activities for everyone, to house rentals on a quieter part of the island, or even on your own quiet cove.

With so much to offer, Maui is a favorite island, by many people, among the islands of Hawaii; however, you may also wish to check out some of the other Hawaiian Islands, while you are in the area.  Each island has its’ own unique vibe, and amazing things to see and explore.

Nassau, Bahamas

If you are on the search for a tropical destination that is bustling and has much to offer to vacationers, then you may want to check out the opportunities that Nassau in the Bahamas has to offer.  Nassau is the largest city in the Bahamas, and it is also the capital city.  A favorite stop be major cruise lines, Nassau is a place that is well-known for accommodating large numbers of tourist, with plenty of shopping, restaurants, water-themed activities, local points of interests, and so much more!

If you are not arriving at Nassau on a cruise ship, then you will still find that this area is easily accessible.  Multiple flights arrive daily to Nassau from various points in the United States, as well as from other originating points.  Once you arrive, you will be greeted with colorful buildings, clear Caribbean waters, tropical breezes, and warm temperatures.  Nassau has a little bit of everything to offer, from beautiful early morning sunrises to late night partying at local casinos, nightclubs, and lounges.

Nassau, as well as the neighboring Paradise Island, which is connect to Nassau by bridge or water ferry, are both dotted with hotels, resorts, shopping destinations, restaurants and snack shops, nightlife venues, and other entertaining venues; such as golf courses, casinos, and an aquarium.

You are probably familiar with the iconic Atlantis Resort, which is located on Paradise Island.  Atlantis is perhaps the most famous resort in the Bahamas, and for good reason.  The resort has an array of accommodations, to fit the needs of guests, and groups of guests, comfortably.  The resort is home to a waterpark, called the Aquaventure Waterpark, and is highlighted by a huge Mayan-themed waterslide, called the Leap of Faith.  Additionally, guests can enjoy a dip in one of the resort’s 11 swimming pools, enjoy a relaxing day of sunbathing along the resort’s beach area, play golf at the resort’s golf course, or enjoy plenty of wonderful dining in the resort’s many restaurants, snack shops, or bars.

In addition to the famous Atlantis Resort, you also have several other options for accommodations while enjoying the fun and thrills of Nassau.  All types of facilities, from luxury accommodations to budget-friendly options, can be found throughout the area.  With just a little bit of research, and comparing prices and hotel amenities, you will have no problem finding a place to stay, while in Nassau or in Paradise Island.

While in Nassau, you may wish to plan a stop at the Nassau Straw Market.  Rich in history and local customs, the Straw Market is a place to try your bargaining skills, as you shop for local, Bahamian crafts, or for local souvenirs, gifts, and necessities, such as a straw hat or sunscreen.

The Bahamas, and particularly the Nassau and Paradise Island area, is a place to find a fun, invigorating, tropical vacation.  If you are looking for a place that has natural beauty, tropical winds, and a relatively relaxed Caribbean flare, then Nassau may certainly be the place for you.  While offering the beauty of the Caribbean, this area also offers vacationers plenty of things to see and do, all throughout your stay.

Petit Saint Vincent

Petit St. Vincent, sometimes referred to as PSV, is the southernmost island of the Grenadine Islands.  This small, 115-acre island offers approximately 2 miles of coastline, with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the gorgeous turquoise-colored waters.  Petit St. Vincent is a privately owned island that offers visitors an exclusive, luxurious stay at the only resort on the island, named the Petit St. Vincent Resort.

If you have been searching for a tropical place to visit, and one that is far from ordinary, then PSV may be the place of your dreams.  The Petit St. Vincent Resort is complete with only 22 cottages, some of which are one-bedroom cottages and some have two bedrooms.

Guests in the cottages are left undisturbed by resort staff, unless you specifically summon for someone’s assistance.  A simple communication code is used with the resorts’ signature flag system.  For example, if you raise a yellow flag, that means that you would like to make a special request for room service or for transportation assistance to some other part of the island.  If a red flag is raised, that means that you desire privacy in your own little cottage.

The goal of this secluded getaway is to provide the utmost relaxation and calming holiday for all of the guests on the island.  This is not a place where you will find accessible Wi-Fi, telephones, or televisions.  Instead, you will find welcoming, pristine beaches, exquisite lodging facilities, delectable foods, and ample opportunity to get away from all the stresses of an ordinary day.

One previous guest once referred to the PSV Resort by stating, “This is an amazing resort.  The service is superb, the food is amazing…this is a very special place”.  Certainly, Petit St. Vincent is a place to dream about, and a place to visit, whether it is for a special occasion or for just a truly memorable vacation.

While on this island, you may enjoy basking in the sun around the premises of your own private cottage, relaxing the day away in a beachside hammock, sailing around the island on a catamaran, snorkeling, scuba diving, practicing your yoga moves, or enjoying a spa treatment.  There are two restaurants available on the island, where you will find amazing menu items, created by the island’s professional chefs.  Many of the meals are created using produce that is grown right on the island itself, as well as seafood that is caught right off the island’s waters.  The food is fresh and is prepared with great attention and creativity for you to enjoy during your stay.

If you have been looking for a tropical destination that is quaint, quiet, and serene, then Petit Saint Vincent should definitely be a place for you to investigate.  It is unlike almost any other place in the Caribbean, and it is a place that you will remember for a lifetime.  The PSV Resort has much to offer to guests, while giving great attention to the fine details and allowing you plenty of space to explore the world around you.  The resort was inducted into the Small Luxury Hotels of the World in 2013, and for good reason.

Bora Bora

bora bora     Bora Bora is a very popular, luxurious tourist destination.  People from all over the world descend upon this small island, in order to savor the beautiful views, the crystal blue waters, and the perfect island atmosphere.  Located in the South Pacific, this French Polynesian island is known for offering excellent scuba diving opportunities, unparalleled lodging facilities, and wonderful, year-round temperatures.  If you are seeking a vacation that is exclusive and unforgettable, then Bora Bora may just be the perfect place for you.

The center of the island is highlighted with a dormant volcano called Mount Otemanu.  This landmark provides some remarkable photographic opportunities, as well as hiking and climbing trails, and plenty of chances to take a tour of the terrain in the area.  Other points of interest on Bora Bora include the Bora Bora Lagoonarium, Coral Gardens, and Matira Beach.

bora bora2    The Bora Bora Lagoonarium is a unique place.  People refer to it as a “natural aquarium”, because a portion of the Lagoonarium is located in the actual lagoon.  Of the many things that you can see and do at this destination, one of the most interesting activities is snorkeling.  You will be able to see a variety of sea life, including; turtles, sting rays, and sharks.

Coral Gardens is another place where you can snorkel, in a controlled, organized environment.  If you decide to go snorkeling in the Coral Gardens, you may see moray eels, sting rays, or blacktip reef sharks.  Swimming is also enjoyed by many at the Coral Gardens.

If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy a beautiful beach, then Matira Beach may be a place for you to escape to, for a warm, afternoon jaunt.  This is Bora Bora’s largest public beach, and the area is dotted with fun eateries, local shops, and, of course, a scenic and welcoming beach.

Bora Bora is certainly not short of interesting things to see and places to explore.  Some people may be interested in viewing the island from the skies, on a helicopter tour or in a seaplane.  Boating is also a favorite activity in the area, with tours ranging from sailboat and kayak rentals to deep-sea fishing, glass-bottom boat, and speed boat tours.  Additionally, Jet Skis can also be rented for your own personal excursion out on the open waters.

In order to view some more delicate settings on the island, 4 x 4 excursions may be of interest to you.  Multiple 4 x 4 touring companies can take you to some of the most remote areas on the island, as you see some unforgettable views, and learn about the history and the culture of the island.

Bora Bora is an inviting place that can be enjoyed all year long.  The high season on the island is typically from May through October.  Many experts recommend visiting the island in April or November, which are two months when the weather is relatively predicable and the crowds are not so noticeable.

Fine lodging is available on Bora Bora, and you have plenty of hotels and resorts to investigate, in order to decide which place is going to suit your personal needs the best.  Bora Bora is certainly a beautiful place, and certainly is a place that many people only dream about visiting during their lifetime.  If you can make it a reality, then, by all means, put this destination at the top of your list.