Why You Should Visit Petit Saint Vincent

Petit St. Vincent, sometimes referred to as PSV, is the southernmost island of the Grenadine Islands.  This small, 115-acre island offers approximately 2 miles of coastline, with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea and the gorgeous turquoise-colored waters.  Petit St. Vincent is a privately owned island that offers visitors an exclusive, luxurious stay at the only resort on the island, named the Petit St. Vincent Resort. I always create time off my duties at equipment transport business to visit PSV

If you have been searching for a tropical place to visit, and one that is far from ordinary, then PSV may be the place of your dreams.  The Petit St. Vincent Resort is complete with only 22 cottages, some of which are one-bedroom cottages and some have two bedrooms.

Guests in the cottages are left undisturbed by resort staff, unless you specifically summon for someone’s assistance.  A simple communication code is used with the resorts’ signature flag system.  For example, if you raise a yellow flag, that means that you would like to make a special request for room service or for transportation assistance to some other part of the island.  If a red flag is raised, that means that you desire privacy in your own little cottage.

The goal of this secluded getaway is to provide the utmost relaxation and calming holiday for all of the guests on the island.  This is not a place where you will find accessible Wi-Fi, telephones, or televisions.  Instead, you will find welcoming, pristine beaches, exquisite lodging facilities, delectable foods, and ample opportunity to get away from all the stresses of an ordinary day.

One previous guest once referred to the PSV Resort by stating, “This is an amazing resort.  The service is superb, the food is amazing…this is a very special place”.  Certainly, Petit St. Vincent is a place to dream about, and a place to visit, whether it is for a special occasion or for just a truly memorable vacation.

While on this island, you may enjoy basking in the sun around the premises of your own private cottage, relaxing the day away in a beachside hammock, sailing around the island on a catamaran, snorkeling, scuba diving, practicing your yoga moves, or enjoying a spa treatment.  There are two restaurants available on the island, where you will find amazing menu items, created by the island’s professional chefs.  Many of the meals are created using produce that is grown right on the island itself, as well as seafood that is caught right off the island’s waters.  The food is fresh and is prepared with great attention and creativity for you to enjoy during your stay.

If you have been looking for a tropical destination that is quaint, quiet, and serene, then Petit Saint Vincent should definitely be a place for you to investigate.  It is unlike almost any other place in the Caribbean, and it is a place that you will remember for a lifetime.  The PSV Resort has much to offer to guests, while giving great attention to the fine details and allowing you plenty of space to explore the world around you.  The resort was inducted into the Small Luxury Hotels of the World in 2013, and for good reason.

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